Students of FTA won applause at the ELLS conference

The 15th Scientific Student Conference of the Euroleague for Life Sciences with the theme “The Power of Science - Many Perspectives on our World” was held on 17 -18 November 2023 at the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. During the final plenary session, there was a special workshop session when the students from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, course Tropical Products Marketing presented the results of the project Circular Case Studies: Food systems transformation through transdisciplinarity and cooperation (2CS). Each of the four teams presented the overall result of cooperation of students from three different ELLS universities (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna - BOKU and Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - CZU) on four country case studies:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Pulses – nutritious seeds for a sustainable future
  • Cambodia: Aquatic products from central Cambodia
  • Ethiopia: Moringa and local herbs/spices in southern Ethiopia
  • Perú: Quinoa - the majestic superfood of Perú

The presented results of the 2CS projects were posters; nevertheless, the presenting students summarized the concluding remarks from all three teams (SLU, BOKU, CZU). After the presentation of each of the country case studies, there was a short discussion with the members of the audience.

This special workshop session was a unique opportunity to share the outline of the project (funded by the ELLS Fund for Incentives 2023), to receive a feedback from broader audience on the collaborative results created by master students at three universities (SLU, BOKU, CZU) and for the presenting students of marketing to prepare and present a products (the posters) that were partially prepared by other students. The project's collaborative format came as a suggestion from students who had been through a previous ELLS-funded project-based learning project and was highly valued by this year's participants. It can be expected that the newly acquired knowledge and experience will contribute significantly to capacity building among the 2CS project participants.

More info about the project: Faculty of Tropical AgriScience (

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