A new paper published! Assessment of the incubating environment for investment in biogas technology in Syria by using AHP and SWOT

Since 2011, the Syrian war has resulted in a massive energy supply shortage, making it difficult for people to access the energy they need for their daily lives. Renewable energy adoption can help to address this issue, and this is where biogas technology comes into play. A recent study looked at the factors that affect investment in biogas technology in Syria, where research on alternative energy sources is scarce. The study found that Syrian society is willing to adopt new technologies, which presents an optimal strategy to encourage the use of biogas technology. However, more awareness is needed about the benefits of biogas technology.

The study also used the SWOT model to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing biogas technology adoption in Syria. This helped to set priorities and make better decisions related to the knowledge of biogas, acceptance of biogas technology, desire for and common approach for its use, the resulting organic fertilizer, and administrative and financial aspects. The study concluded that the southern region was the most favourable in terms of investment criteria, followed by the central and coastal regions.

Overall, this study provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to assist decision-makers in adopting and deploying biogas technology on a larger scale in Syria. This could help to address the energy supply shortage and contribute to developing a criterion for selecting biogas sites in the country. By investing in biogas technology, Syrian society can benefit from a reliable source of energy and organic fertilizer and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Congratulation to Ghaith Hassan and other authors!

You can read more about it HERE.

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