Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík and members of BRT among the Young Scientists Group Expert Reviewers and Selection Committee

Following the launch of the call for applications to the World Food Forum (WFF) Young Scientists Group (YSG), more than 110 young scientists applied from around the world.
Applications were reviewed by a group of Expert Reviewers composed of 24 scientists and experts in relevant fields including agricultural engineering, food science, nutrition, animal health, forestry, among others. Three of them were members of Biogas Research Team (Chama Theodore Ketuama, Ghaith Hassan and Eduardo Duque Dussan). 
After this first round, a Selection Committee, composed of eight senior experts including Assoc. Prof. Hynek Roubík, will make the final selection of the first YSG Cohort.
The main objective of the World Food Forum Young Scientists Group (YSG) is to provide scientific evidence and technical knowledge to the various initiatives of the Forum, and to develop an annual WFF Young Scientists report on specific policy issues of particular concern to youth, related to agrifood systems transformation.
Leveraging FAO areas of expertise, and engaging with partners and relevant academic networks, the Group will play a critical role in providing the WFF with the necessary science-based direction, and allow for formal scientific opinions related to documents, statements or action-oriented proposals generated by the participating youth. Eventually, the YSG will support the formalization and institutionalization of the WFF, with a particular focus on the Youth Action, Innovation and Education tracks.

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