Biogas Research Team visits Complexity Science Hub, Vienna

A joint meeting of the Biogas Research Team, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and the Complexity Science Hub (CSH) was held in Vienna on 5th December 2022. The aim of the meeting was to establish research cooperation between both institutions and the Danube University Krems. The future work seeks to investigate pathways of substituting natural gas with biogas.

During the meeting, the Biogas Research Team gave a presentation titled “Austria without Russian Natural Gas – Towards Switching to Biogas”. The participants shared their perspectives on the topic, contributing to refocusing the future research. The main participants were Dr Matthias Raddant from the CSH, Dr Nils Haneklaus from the Danube University Krems and Assoc. Prof. Hynek Roubík from the Biogas Research Team.

The staff of the Complexity Science Hub also presented some of their past and current research work to the Biogas Research Team.

The objective of the Complexity Science Hub is to host, educate, and inspire complex systems scientists who are dedicated to make sense of Big Data in ways that are valuable for science and society. The Hub catalyzes research in a network of established scientists and the most creative, talented, and open-minded next-generation academics.

More about the Complexity Science Hub can be seen HERE.


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