New paper published! Technological, Economic, Social and Environmental Barriers to Adoption of Small-Scale Biogas Plants: Case of Indonesia

In this paper, we are filling the gap by offering a systematic and thorough review.

Indonesia must discontinue using fossil fuels and find alternatives to the energy it now uses. Despite its enormous potential, Indonesia only has 48,038 biogas plants, which is still considered a small number when compared to China and India.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to understand better the landscape dynamics and niche nature of Indonesia's energy systems.

In this study, we analyse the socio-technical and socio-economic constraints for biogas adoption in Indonesia by synthesizing and reviewing previous studies to provide additional explanations about barriers and explanatory factors in the development of biogas in Indonesia.

The paper investigates the potential of biogas technology and the costs of adoption as complex processes influenced by a variety of factors.

This study’s contribution is biogas production as follows.

  1. Includes the current discussion of Indonesia’s energy policy, which is centred on biogas production history from 1970 until 2019 that has promoted the use of biogas through a variety of national initiatives, each of which was supported by a different institution and was influenced by several socio-institutional factors.
  2. This study contributes to the current evaluation of the problem tree of biogas adoption in Indonesia due to the abundance of livestock dung that can be utilized by separating the effects of technical, economic, social, cultural, and environmental factors. Indonesia has some of the world’s most promising rural locations for biogas generation.
  3. Contributes significantly to the most recent literature review from 2010 to 2021, particularly on adopting renewable energy in rural households, which impacts Indonesia and other developing countries

This study adopted the Systematic Literature Review from Kitchenham (cited in Torres Carrion et al., 2019). Web of Science was used. We used the identification keyword, biogas, to start with the elimination of articles. As a result, we discovered 71 articles discussing the adoption of biogas or the difficulties faced by emerging nations.

Therefore, this research addresses a gap in the strategic planning and implementation process, providing policymakers with pathways to eliminate bottlenecks in renewable energy planning.

Congratulation to Ricardo Situmeang, M.A., PhD student from the Biogas Research Team, who is the first author of this manuscript.

You can read more about it HERE.

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