EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Transnational Call 2021 funded project PG2CRM team has already published the article "Closing the Upcoming EU Gypsum Gap with Phosphogypsum".

Phosphogypsum Processing to Critical Raw Materials (PG2CRM) is one of the 22 projects funded under the EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Transnational Call 2021. The objective of the project, that addresses topic 4 - “Recycling of End-of-Life products and assets” as the main call topic, is to further develop an innovative process for REE recovery from low-radioactive phosphogypsum (PG) that has recently been patented by the coordinator (École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, France) from TRL 4-5 (lab-scale experiments) which is the current state to TRL 7-8 (continues pilot plant operation).

The projects is lead by École des Mines de Saint-Étienne (France), and counts with the participation and expertise of 8 project partners: Freiberg University of Mining and Technology (Germany), Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (Poland), Universidad de Huelva (Spain), NOVA.ID.FCT/ NOVA School of Science & Technology (Portugal), Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic), Biopolinex Sp. Z. o.; (Poland), ALFERROCK GmbH (Germany), OCP S.A. (Morocco). Nils Haneklaus, from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology in Germany, is the main author of this scientific article under the transnational collaborative PG2CRM framework.

The complete information of the article is available here. For more information on related research you can also access the recently published "Rare Earths in Philippine Phosphogypsum: Use Them or Lose Them" article.

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