Census 2021 - obligatory also for foreigners

Dear colleagues, dear students,

let me inform you that this year the Census 2021 will run in the Czech Republic. It is obligatory for all citizens even for foreigners living in the Czech Republic for a period longer than 90 days. The census is done once per 10 years and it is a duty regulated by law (with a penalty to those, who will not participate). You can enumerate yourself from 27 March to 9 April.

Please, find more information on the websites of the Czech Statistical Office.

This year is the first year when it is possible to fill in the form on-line, but it is available to those, who have any document issued by the Czech Republic (e.g. card of long-term residence). You can also login with the so-called "bank identity". For those with no login credentials, paper forms in several languages are available. The Heads of individual dormitories are Census enumerators for CZU, so you can submit the paper version of the Census to them (HERE).

Please, find more information about this issue here

Thank you for your cooperation. 

In case of any questions regarding the Census 2021, please, visit this website.

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