Team of FTA and local students collect data in Georgia

With the main objective of analysing the Economic and Social Performance of Newly Created Farmers’ Groups in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership, a team of five members from the Czech University of Life Sciences together with two students from University of Kutaisi and Tbilisi visited 40 co-operatives (105 members) which were into apiculture, viticulture and hazelnuts production and received support from the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agricultural and Rural Development (ENPARD) to collect data on their economic performance since the inception of the project in 2013. 

The survey covered the entire Georgia commencing from the East through the West. The team also contacted 105 non-member farmers. This enabled us to compare and evaluate economic performance of ENPARD-supported co-operatives. In total, we contacted 210 small scale farmers. The field survey lasted for a period of one month (between September and October 2018). This research was fully funded by the Czech Internal Grant Agency (CIGA) of the University of Life Sciences, Prague.

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