ELLS - Scientific Student Conference 2023 - DL EXTENDED!

The Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) organizes an annual student scientific conference for students from ELLS universities. The main theme of this year is The Power of Science - Many Perspectives on our World.

The two-day event is a great opportunity for students to experience the atmosphere of a scientific conference and meet many different people - students and teachers - from different fields and universities. Students of bachelor's, master's and first-year doctoral studies can present the results of their scientific work either in the form of an e-poster or a PPT presentation. They get constructive feedback from colleagues and other experts. Visit the conference website to see if your BA or MA thesis fits one of the subtopics to register your abstract!

The participation of CZU students is supported by an extraordinary scholarship.

Click here for: Information about the conference 17.-18. 11. 2023 on the UHOH website

Subthemes of the conference

  1. Food for the world
    The power of food and food systems: Improving global food production
  2. Big perspectives on small things
    The power of plants, insects, microorganisms, and biotechnology: Small things can make a major difference
  3. Pigs, pine trees, and everything in between
    The power of animal science and forestry: Managing livestock and forests
  4. Social economy in a changing world
    The power of (bio)economics and management: Moving towards a sustainable economy
  5. Our planet as a resource
    The power of organic agriculture: Solutions to droughts, floods, pests, and other challenges farmers deal with
  6. Working together for a greener future
    The power of landscape ecology and environmental sciences: Sustainable ways to shape our surroundings and human impacts


Information about ELLS on the CZU website

Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) is a network of prestigious European universities that cooperate in the field of natural sciences with a focus on food and natural resources, agriculture and forestry, management and marketing, veterinary and environmental disciplines.

ELLS member universities
ELLS observer universities from 2023
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