Academic Community meeting and International Fair Party

We invite all students and teachers to the Academic Community meeting which will be held on Wednesday 12th December 2018 from 6 PM to 6:45 PM in Pavilion T at the TI lecture hall. During the meeting, the Dean of the FTZ - doc. Ing. Jan Banout, Ph.D. will present annual evaluation of FTZ activities and plans for the year 2019. You will also learn about the activities of the FTZ Academic Senate and you will be able to make suggestions or comments not only for the work of the Senate, but also for the leadership of the FTZ. After the meeting we will continue with the International Fair Party organized by the BeFair student association. Due to the expected participation of foreign employees and FTZ students, the meeting will be in English.

The main goal of the International Fair Party (IFP) event is to connect international students and expand awareness of foreign countries' culture in the form of interesting presentations, traditional dishes, national dances, singing and music playing. Three countries - Ethiopia, Spain and Ukraine - will be presenting this year. Students from Ethiopia will prepare several traditional national dishes, such as doro wot or injera, as well as traditional Ethiopian coffee. You can also taste Ukrainian vareniks with different fillings or typical beverage - compote. It should be noted that all the offered meals are prepared by students from the above-mentioned countries.

The official IFP program will start at 6:45 PM by the Dean of FTZ - doc. Ing. Jana Banout, Ph.D. The Consul of the Spanish Embassy José Miguel de Lara Toledo will speak to the audience as well. Then the organizer of the event - the BeFair will present their activities, as well as the basic concepts of the organization such as Fair Trade, Sustainable Development and Responsible Consumption. After the tasting, approximately at 8 PM, the presentation of each countries will begin with an examples of cultural customs, national dances or music.

This year as well, the representatives of some nonprofit organizations promoting similar interests as BeFair, will not be missing. For example, you can look forward to Derbianus Conservation, supporting the retention of the world's largest antelope - the Derby antelopes, or Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia - the official representative of Fairtrade International in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which is marketing support for the FAIRTRADE® certification mark and fair market. The participation was also confirmed by representatives of the Stolen Wildlife campaign, which highlights the current issue of illegal trade in animals, not only abroad, but also in the Czech Republic. Last but not least, representatives of the newly-emerging start-up project entitled "Nezabalíme to", with the aim of creating a no-packaging shop which will prevents overproduction of disposable packaging.

The official ending of the event will be at 9:30 AM.

On this evening, selected student scientific posters will also be presented.

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