Study Programme ERASMUS+ in Europe Registration for new ac. year 2020/2021

You can register for the study exchange programme Erasmus+ on the board in front of the office T136. You will fill in your name, e-mail, year of study and length of stay to the table of university you want to study, not later than February 18th 2020, 11:59 AM.

The interviews as a part of the selection procedure will take place on February 20th at 9 AM (meeting room no. T126).
Important – registration is possible only to 1 university (it’s allowed to have another 1 as “back-up” in case of lack
Please, also submit following documents to the office T136 by February 18th 2020:

  • Transcript of study records (from UIS, and/or Diploma Supplement) + study average
  • Motivation letter (in language of instruction at the host university)
  • Language certificate (for language of instruction at the host university, of course not needed for native speakers)
  • Agreement (confirmation) of your thesis supervisor (the form available at the webpages of the faculty in “Erasmus+” section) 

As a part of the selection procedure is interview in the language of instruction at the host university, AND also in the official language of the host country in most cases !!
We also want to encourage PhD students, who can register for Erasmus+ study stay and use this period as an international internship (3 months as minimum).
In case you’ve already passed Erasmus study stay, YOU CAN REGISTRER AGAIN!! You can find more information at the webpages of the faculty, or you can send me an e-mail to
Information about language requirements and courses offer are available at the webpages of the host universities.

All information about ERASMUS+ can be found HERE.

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