CZU came to visit the University of Battambang

On March, Hynek Roubik from Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (from our BiogasResearchTeam) and Anna Brunerová from Faculty of Engineering, visited the University of Battambang. 
The purpose of visit was to extend the cooperation between both institutions and establish research network between UBB and CZU. 
Hynek and Anna were greeted by Dr Ratha Chea, Director of International Relations, on behalf of HE SIENG Emtotim, Rector of the University of Battambang. During the visit, they had a great opportunity to meet and discuss with different colleagues from Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing as well as the Faculty of Sociology and Community Development to see what what is done at UBB. 
Meanwhile, Hynek and Anna were invited to visit the laboratories and other research related activities in the Campus and at UBB Experimental Farm located about 15 KM from Battambang city. 
For more information, please visit this websites.


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