FTA celebrates the Day of Africa

Today we commemorate Africa Day, an annual commemoration of the founding of the Organization of African Unity on 25 May 1963.

Currently, more than 150 African students are studying at our faculty in bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral programs, they are mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zambia, Rwanda, Senegal and other countries.

FTA is involved in several international research projects in Africa:

  • Research and Education in Fruit Production, Processing and Consumption in Southern Ethiopia
  • Biogas Technology for Higher Resilience of Communities in the Western Province of Zambia
  • Publication and Research Activities Development for Education in Life Sciences at Hawassa University
  • Drivers and mechanisms of habitat selection and movement patterns of native ungulate communities in relation to resource distribution and livestock grazing in West African protected areas (SAVANNALIFE)

“Our faculty's interest in and active involvement with the African continent goes back a long way, and so it is only logical that we would show this through organizing an Africa Day. Although the tropics concern more than one continent, due to its position directly south of Europe, we as a continent but also as Czech Republic and Faculty of Tropical have lots of historical, economical and scientific ties with Africa, as testified by the numerous Memorandus of Understanding, and teaching and R&D projects that are currently active in several countries. Moreover, our faculty's vibrant African student community is yet another proof that 'things are moving' there. As dean of this faculty, I am both happy and proud that we can contribute in our modest way to their formation, and I hope that our African students are happy and proud to be here with us and to learn about more things than just science. Have a great Africa Day!”

prof. dr. ir. Patrick Van Damme, the dean of the faculty

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