FTA professor and student visited Senegal

Prof. RNDr. Pavla Hejcmanová, Ph.D. and Iva Bernáthová, the BSc. student of Agriculture in Tropics and Subtropics study programme, visited Senegal in August. Their mission was focused on negotiations with partners from Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar and concretisation of future cooperation with the CZU Prague including development of the school enterprise of university in Dakar, study and research stays of Senegalese students in the Czech republic and vice versa, the stays of Czech students in Senegal.

Prof. Hejcmanová visited Senegal as the vice-head of the Department of Animal Science and Food Processing FTA and the founder of the Western Derby eland conservation programme in Senegal which is managed by the NGO Derbianus Conservation and the Faculty of Tropical AgriScienses CZU Prague. Iva Bernáthová was chosen as one of the students from the FTA thanks to her active involvement to the activities of the department when she proved her responsibility, reliability and enthusiasm.

Next meetings, as a part of Senegal visit, were held with partners of the Western Derby eland conservation programme at the Directorate of National Parks in Senegal and in the Bandia reserve – the one of two places in the world where these antelopes are bred in captivity. The future project of Derby eland collaring in the Niokolo Koba National Park was in a fore of these meetings. Prof. Hejcmanová and Iva Bernáthová during their weeklong stay even managed to check the camera traps in Bandia reserve which belongs to research activities of the Department of Animal Science and Food Processing.

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