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Student group BeFair at CZU has spiced things up once again at the Faculty of Tropical AgriScience at the International Fair Party (IFP) yearly event where multicultural and exotic feels like home. Everyone was invited to have a good time on Dec 11 on campus.

“Party” at our campus is much more than monotonous disco beats. We stand together against consumerism promoting bonds across nations and continents. Every year, three students from different cultural background are invited to share their traditional dishes as well as exciting stories from their homeland. In this year´s IFP, we were lucky to discover the beauty and secrets of Mexico, Columbia and Zimbabwe.

The event´s highlight was a breath-taking performance of a Mexican singer Naomi Mágico who is also ambassador of responsible consumption and global environmental issues at IFP. Her introduction of latest projects was received with great enthusiasm, to name a few: Save Elephants, a Mexico Magico stand with miscellaneous handifcrafts or a zero-waste shop “Odsyp si v sýpce”.  Delicious drinks and other snacks were served in abundance throughout at the BeFair stand and visitors could also enjoy exhibition “On the trees.” Event peaked with a quiz game whose winners were awarded with interesting prizes.

Based on the feedback from participants, the event turned successful once again.

Thanks to all participants for coming and we hope to see you next year.

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Aleš Kotrbatý a Lenka Hofierková

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