TROPENTAG 2022 conference wrap-up

The Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU) hosted on Sep 14-16 an interdisciplinary conference, Tropentag 2022, which focused on tropical agriculture and rural development. Renowned experts debated if agroecological farming can feed the world. 

The FTA Dean Prof. Patrick Van Damme summarizes this year´s conference:

Tropentag Conference is a yearly high mass celebrating and presenting innovative developments in the broad field of tropical agriculture R&D - the interaction between vested and young researchers creates a living laboratory where ideas are exchanged, and new collaborations originate. As dean of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, I am proud we hosted this year's - very successful - edition to the satisfaction of most if not all participants.

Prof. Bohdan Lojka (FTZ CZU) head of organizing committee:

"This conference is currently a truly unique meeting in the world of both scientists and especially students who focus on research in tropical agriculture and rural development. We are glad that this event could take place this year on the ground of CZU Prague. The topic of this year's conference was whether agroecological approaches in agriculture could feed the growing world population in the future. During the panel discussion or the lectures of individual keynote speakers, quite convincing opinions were heard that these approaches can significantly help to improve agricultural production while preserving natural resources. However, we still have to look for suitable ways to implement these methods in practice better," said prof. Lojka.

photo: Petr Zmek z CAVP

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