The Department of Economics and Development (FTA) and the Department of Zoology and Fisheries (FAFNR) organized a two-week summer school "SCIENTIFIC WORK: Step by step" at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia at the beginning of September  2017. The summer school was attended by a total of 13 RUA students and 12 students from the CZU. Students were given a general framework of scientific work with an emphasis on practical advice and demonstrations of specific procedures. In several blocks, examples of working with online tools for advanced, efficient and targeted search of specialized articles, organization and management of the library of literature, work with quotes, tools for planning and sharing of collaboration on scientific projects, data processing and analysis, overview of basic graphic formats and examples of their use in scientific publications. Last but not least, the students learned about examples of good practice in presenting the results through posters, presentations or scientific articles. 

In addition to the theoretical lectures, students in practical form tried to collect data in the form of a questionnaire survey among tourist visitors of Phnom Penh. The students cooperated in small working teams and subsequently processed, analyzed and presented the data obtained before the other participants of the summer school. 

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