Travel scholarship for Short-term mobilities and Internships

The International Relations Office and the Office of Science, Research and Doctoral Studies of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences announce the possibility to apply for a contribution to travel costs (the so-called "Student Mobility Support Grant") to students of bachelor's, master's or doctoral studies. The financial support refers to the partial coverage of travel costs associated with the preparation of the Bc./MSc./Ph.D. thesis in collaboration with a foreign university; in the case of a Ph.D. students, they can apply for internship support at Czech and foreign excellent institutions both in the university environment and outside it. Trips with a research purpose (in connection with the preparation of a qualification thesis) will be preferred over trips to summer schools. However, trips to summer schools, seminars, and conferences may be supported.

Pay attention to the selection and evaluation criteria of applications


Evaluation min. max.
Formal criteria (entire application completed, completion of the assignment, number of characters fulfilled, consent of the supervisor submitted)

0= unfulfilled, 5=fulfilled

0 5
Target country – ongoing cooperation with the university (Memorandum of Understanding, priority country of the Czech Republic, country according to the CZU Internationalization Strategy)

0= no cooperation, 1=ongoing cooperation with the university, 2 = priority country + ongoing cooperation with the university

0 2
Length of stay abroad for the purpose of data collection (min. 21 days)

0= mobility 21-29 days, 1= mobility 30 days and more

0 1
Priority is given to master's students working on a thesis and Ph.D. students who apply for support for an internship at an excellent Czech or foreign workplace. 0= unfulfilled, 1=fulfilled 0 1
Priority is given to students who will not collect data in their country of origin or country of permanent residence. 0= unfulfilled, 1=fulfilled 0 1
Total points   0 10

The minimum requirement is the fulfillment of min. 6 points. Financial support is then distributed according to the placement of applicants based on the number of points obtained, from the highest number of points obtained until the budget is exhausted. The expected grant amount is CZK 10,000 per person. The actual amount of the grant depends on the number of applicants and the budget amount.

Ineligible applicants:

- students with interrupted studies (at the time of the intended mobility)

- submission of the application in a different way than prescribed, or at another date

- students with disciplinary offenses or unfulfilled previous grant requirements (e.g. Erasmus)

The application must contain the following data:

  • Name and contact details of the applicant
  • Name of the Bachelor / Master / PhD thesis
  • Name of the thesis supervisor
  • Name of university / institution, country:
  • o BSc and MSc students: foreign university, where the student wants to conduct research and/or cooperate with, or which participates in the organization of summer school/conferences/seminars
  • o PhD students: Czech or foreign university/institution where the PhD candidate wants to conduct research and/or cooperate with
  • Schedule of the project (min. 21 days – for future mobilities), estimated budget, summary, the main hypothesis and the goal of the project, methodology, implementation of results
  • Supervisor’s consent (form below or HERE)

Please use the online Request Form and attach the air ticket (in case you already have it).

Submit your Request by May 3, 2024, till 24:00.  Applications submitted after this deadline cannot be accepted. Applications submitted differently cannot be accepted.

There is no legal claim on a decision regarding the scholarship award.

Only real mobilities can be supported – we cannot support virtual mobilities.

Students going abroad must have relevant travel insurance. We strongly recommend using this.

The student has to until 10 days after his/her arrival to bring to the home institution:

  • Final report (Form available online at the FTA webpages)
  • Confirmation of stay from the host university (official paper of the institution, stamp, signature)
  • Boarding passes for all flights / Seat reservations, Air tickets/Bus ticket
  • 3 colour photos from his/her studies at the partner institution with authorization
  • Permission to use the photos for promotion of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (Form available below or HERE)
Contact person Zora Fídlerová, 

Files for download

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