Travel Insurance for the CZU Students

Who is the insurance for

  • students who travel abroad for short-term and long-term study stays (Erasmus, CEEPUS, etc.)
  • CZU for travel abroad requires coverage at least in the range of the limits listed below, the outgoing student is obliged to arrange travel insurance for the entire period of the planned mobility

What are the main benefits

  • insurance tailored for students
  • optimal coverage (from medical insurance up to Safety Assistance)
  • saves time and makes it easier for you to get the right insurance
  • mobile app with your insurance policy
    guarantees excellent care abroad whenever you need it

What to do to arrange the insurance

  • fill out the certificate of travel insurance and pay the premium as instructed in the certificate
  • send the payment document and completed certificate to:
  • only the certificate confirmed by us and sent back to you will be the document of your policy
  • the insurance will be governed by Policy Conditions PP-BTI-2007, which you should read before travelling abroad
  • do not forget to download the MojeEvropská mobile app and register your policy

How to behave abroad

  • in any life-threatening situation contact the local emergency services
  • in any other emergency situations contact our Euro-Center assistance services
  • we recommend you to pay the cost of minor treatment in cash, we will reimburse your bills after your return home
  • please report your claims online via

Files for download

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