It´s all about new beginnings for all the fresh graduates at the FTA. 75 BSc and MScs students of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences marched into the CZU AULA on June 23 to receive their diplomas.

This year´s graduation provided a dignified opportunity to get together and celebrate the success after a difficult period of pandemic that would not allow students from different parts of the world to meet in person or even arrive in the Czech Republic to the faculty to enter the newly opened faculty building and experience friendly multicultural environment first hand.

10 students graduated with honours. The Dean´s Award for the best bachelor’s thesis went to Matěj Trnka, student of Tropical Agriculture programme. The following students received the award for outstanding thesis:

  • Minister of Agriculture Award for the best diploma thesis under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Karolína Brandlová titled Rodenticide levels in common kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) and barn owls (Tyto alba) in northwest Spain awarded to Beatriz Alonso.
  • The Rector´s Award for outstanding diploma thesis was awarded to Jana Zimová.
  • The Dean´s Award for outstanding diploma thesis was awarded to Martina Čelakovská.

And what emotions triggered the ceremony in the students themselves? Read their feedback:

Samuel Mwanza:

On behalf of the foreign students, a big thank you to the Czech government for its opened doors to the international students to come and enjoy affordable but higher education standards in very good learning environment. A big thank you to the calm, peaceful and lovely people of the Czech Republic, you are wonderful. Some of us came from typical rural parts of Africa and other developing countries, but we found a home and peace here in Czech Republic. We would like to state that we don’t take this offer for granted, because you have made a difference to our lives.

In a special way, we would like to appreciate the staff at the FTA Study Department, International Relations Office, and other departments that contributed to students’ good life, these people have very big hearts. It is evident they execute their duties out of their passion for duty.

Today, I stand at 99 % confidence level to confirm that indeed, you our lecturers believed in our ability and potential, and you stretched our intellectual potential. As graduating students, we are the evidence of your splendid, good works. You are simply the best teachers!!!

Beatriz R. Alonso:

This recognition is important for making people more aware of the problematic of the negative effects of pesticides on wildlife. I am very grateful for the prize and will keep working towards the conservation of wild species and their habitats in the future.

Safiyya Kassim:

You may never know what you are truly capable of until you push yourself to the limits. Only then can your real potential be unleashed, bringing with it, most often than not, rewards sweeter than honey.

We greatly appreciate your support in taking us in and in our having worked beyond the language and cultural barriers which at times threatened to create success barriers.

Remember, with this we may be closing this very chapter of our lives but with it we are receiving the keys to the door leading to the next one.


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