CZU mission to Azerbaijan under FAO project on climate change

21.11.-26.11.2021, Miroslava Bavorová, Jan Banout, Tomáš Ratinger, Vladimír Verner

This mission within the FAO funded project on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in the agricultural sector in Azerbaijan allowed us to have first direct contact with the actors in the field. Within a few days, the FTZ team met the Azerbaijani partners Dalga and FAO representatives. Furthermore, discussions and visits of farmers in rural areas of Absheron and Aran regions were conducted as well. Finally, training for the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources staff on organic matter management, use of windbreaks and agroforestry, and policies needed to facilitate the farmers’ climate change adaptation was provided. The evaluation of the conditions on the spot showed that climate change represented by temperatures increase and less precipitations amplified difficulties of farming on degraded landscape and soils. The main threats come from saline and degraded soils, improper flooding irrigation systems and unmaintained irrigations channels. While farmers observe declining agri-environmental conditions on their fields due to climate change, they lack adequate knowledge, resources and coordination capacity to adapt. As the next step, online training for the extension officers and a report with policy recommendations will be provided within the project.

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