About programme: Programme Erasmus+ Training is mainly for students, who want to get work experiences at any foreign institution. It is similar to Erasmus+ Study Stay, the only difference is that the student (trainee) doesn’t study, but work. 

For me? The practical trainings (internships) are mainly for students of bachelor, master and doctoral programmes. Even the students, who already participated in the programme, are still eligible and they can participate again! 

Where? Student will find the proper place for the internship, which will be in accordance with his/her study programme and/or final thesis. It can be any institution, the student is not limited by the bilateral agreements of the faculty / university, as it is in case of Erasmus+ Study Stay. It can be laboratory, bank, university, farm, research institute, … 

Deadlines: The practical training may start immediately, but take into account aprox. 2 months to proceed and prepare the necessary paperwork.

Length of the mobility: it should last 2 months as a minimum, and 5 months as a maximum

Countries: It is possible to do the internship in any country of EU, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the countries of the outermost regions and the overseas countries and territories, as well as Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The complete list of Erasmus+ programme countries is available here:

Interested? You can apply by submitting following documents:

  • 1) CV (in English, Europass format)
  • 2) Motivation letter (in language of training and in English, maximum length – one page of A4 paper)
  • 3) Letter of acceptance from host institution
  • 4) Language certificate
  • 5) Summary about you and your internship - name, surname, contact details (phone number, e-mail), exact number of days of your mobility, official full name of the receiving institution and its address
  • 6) Confirmation of your thesis supervisor 

To e-mail or personally in the IRO in NFTZ/412.

Internships supported by: EDUCA INTERNATIONAL 

More info and forms:

Find more info about the Erasmus+ practical training on the university websites here:


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