International Credit Mobility: cooperation between Czech Republic and Albania

Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT) is one of the leading universities in Albania in terms of the development of international activities. The project on the Albanian side is implemented by the Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness (FEA).

The mobility is mainly focused on the exchange of teachers (6-day stays) and Ph.D. students (3 and 5 months) and bachelor and master students (5 months). The mobility from Tirana is planned for bachelor and master students (two students per semester which means 4 students in the project period of one year). Students have the opportunity to study selected subjects at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (CZU Prague) in English. The teachers’ visits are planned as a 6-day stay, where teachers will be mainly engaged in the teaching of Quantitative Research Methods and Agricultural Policy.

The lecturers have adopted new methods of teaching, such as e-learning and the use of online modules. Moreover, a strong focus is given to the exchange of research knowledge and the increased access to scientific literature.

Adoption of environmentally friendly agricultural practices as well as youth migration are the main topics in the field of education, research and technology transfer. We emphasise the gender and institutional reforms as well as structural impact assessment at the sector level in the context of EU alignment.


  1. Teaching in PhD e-seminars (Miroslava Bavorova group) at CZU Prague:

Drini Imami, AUT, FEA, 23.5.2020, Value Chain Analysis.

Edvin Zhllima, AUT, FEA, 4.6.2020, Consumer studies using conjoint analysis in Albania

  1. Teaching in Agricultural Policy e-seminar at CZU Prague:

Edvin Zhlima, 9.12.2020, Property rights on land: the case of Albania

  1. Co-supervision of PhD students supervised by Miroslava Bavorova at the CZU Prague:

Drini Imami – Evgeniya Voloding: Consumer behaviour and ethnocentrism of Russian consumers

Edvin Zhllima – Kindah Ibrahim: Gender issues and food security in Syria

  1. Co-supervision of master student work at CZU Prague (supervised by Miroslava Bavorova):

Drini Imami and Edvin Zhlima – Peter Maes; Thesis topic: Behavioral Drivers for the Adoption of Conservation Agriculture Practices Among Albanian Smallholder Farmers.

Peter Maes collected data for his master thesis supported by the project colleagues in Autumn, 2020. (Pictured below).

In total, there will be organized 15 mobilities divided as:

Incoming mobilities - from AUT to CZU:

  • 4 MSc students for 5 months for studies (SMS)   
  • 2 PhD student for 5 months for training (SMP)
  • 3 Staff from for 8 days for teaching (STA)   
  • 1 Staff from for 8 days for training (STT)    

Information about the CZU courses for exchange students:

Outgoing mobilities - from CZU to AUT:

  • 1 PhD student for 3 months for training (SMP)
  • 3 Staff for 8 days for teaching (STA)   
  • 1 Staff for 8 days for training (STT)   


Information about the AUT university:

Available scholarships:

Subsistence costs (flat rate):

  • Incoming students to the CR: 800 EUR / month
  • Outgoing students from the CR: 700 EUR / month
  • Incoming staff to the CR: 140 EUR / day (1.-14. day); 98 EUR / day (15.-60. day)

Travel costs:

In addition to the subsistence costs, a transport allowance is added, which is graded according to the distance between the domestic institution and the place of stay abroad. It is paid once for whole mobility (for travel to and back).

  • For Albania, the travel scholarship is 275 EUR / participant.


Check the September 2021 visit of the members of the Department of Economics and Development (FTA/CZU) at the Agricultural University of Tirana HERE.

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