Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Peruvian Amazon

Target Country: Peru
Project Coordinator: Bohdan Lojka
Project Team: Jana Lojková, Jan Banout, Zbyněk Polesný, Daniel Preininger, Barbora Rousová, Michal Kulík, Blanka Křivánková, Lucie Banoutová, Olga Skleničková, Jitka Krausová, Jakub Vícha
Partner(s) of the Projects: Universidad Nacional de Ucayali (UNU), World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Institución Nacinal de Investigación Agraria (INIA)
Donor: Ministry of Agriculture of the CR
Duration of the Project: 2003 - 2006


Aim of the Project:

Improvement of agroforestry systems and production of small-scale farmers. Project supports investigation, development and implementation of suitable agroforestry systems that would lead to increased diversification and improved sustainability of agriculture production and also development and implementation of simple intermediate technologies for processing of agriculture and forestry products. Improved marketing of local agroforestry products (Main objective of this point is support of marketing of product of small-scale farmers via sale cooperative, elaboration of market analysis for chosen product, support of organic certification, that should lead to increase market prices of the products). Capacity building among local farmers, agricultural and forestry experts, extension service and governmental authorities, students and university staff.

Outputs of the Project:

  • Use of improved agroforestry methods among farmers.
  • Implementation of intermediate technologies in agriculture and forestry.
  • Better access of local products to the national and international markets.
  • Organic certification of local small farmers.
  • Agroforestry manual as a tool for agroforestry systems dissemination. Improvement of technical skills of local farmers, experts, authorities and policy makers.
  • Improvement of educational and practical training facilities on UNU.

Contact: Bohdan Lojka,

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