Technology needs assessment for the implementation of Azerbaijan’s NDC (National Determined Contributions) targets in the Agriculture, Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Sector (LULUCF)

Project number: GCP/AZE/012/GCR
Target country: Azerbaijan
CZU Project coordinators: Miroslava Bavorová, Patrick Van Damme
CZU Project team:

Academic staff: Jan Banout, Tomáš Ratinger, Vladimír Verner

PhD students: Kindah Ibrahim, Mustapha Yakubu Madaki, Steffen Muench

MSc students: Aynur Abdullayeva, Eva Baldassarre Švecová, Fiona Specht

Administrace: Barbora Kulíková
Project Partners: DALGA (local NGO), UN FAO Azerbaijan, local experts
Donor: Green Climate Fund (GCF), administrated by FAO Azerbaijan
Duration of the Project: April-December 2021


Aims of the project:

Agriculture represents the third most important income-generating activity in Azerbaijan, and main source of employment for 42% of female, and 31% of male labour force. However, with expected 15-20% decrease in crop productivity, agriculture is being significantly affected by climate change. Ratification of the Paris Agreement has commenced Azerbaijan to fulfil specific obligations dealing with energy, industry, agriculture, LULUCF (Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry), and waste sectors outlined as priorities in its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) document. Project contributes to strengthening country capacities for NDC implementation in the Agriculture and LULUCF sectors and supporting the identification of potential direct access entities from different sectors relevant for the implementation of the Country Work Programme in Azerbaijan, and aims at providing the Government of Azerbaijan and local stakeholders with:

  • sector-specific knowledge and information;
  • detailed analysis on the feasibility of practical technology solutions to facilitate implementation of NDCs in the Agriculture and LULUCF Sectors; and,
  • trainings on the use and deployment of prioritized technologies.

Outputs and activities of the project:

  • List of technologies for climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in the Agriculture and LULUCF sector validated through country coordination mechanism.
  • SWOT analysis of the selected technologies as part of the feasibility study.
  • Cost-Benefit analysis and overview of investment needs based on implementation costs.
  • Critical discussion of potential sustainable policy and financing strategies that will allow the adoption of the selected technologies.
  • Stakeholders trained on the use of prioritized technologies.



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