Easing of the measures issued by the Government – higher education institutions

In accordance with the eased measures approved by the Czech Government students ENROLLED IN ALL STUDY YEARS are allowed to participate in study activities in groups of a maximum of five people from, April 27th 2020It is now possible for students of all study years to attend, for example, consultations or examinations, or work in a laboratory or carry on experimental activities, especially those related to the completion of final theses. Nevertheless, examinations will also be organized online, depending on the form chosen by the examiner. The contact form of the examination is recommended only when necessary when the test is carried out in the laboratory or it is essential to use university collections for its realization.

Before coming to CZU campus, it is always necessary to get in touch with a particular teacher who has an overview of the number of students coming for consultations or examinations. More information on the current situation can be found in the Rector's Decision of April 24th 2020.

I would also like to inform you that the CZU Library is available for students from Tuesday April 21st for individual study literature loans. Study literature shall be ordered in advance by e-mail and may be picked up from Tuesday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00. Detailed information can be found on the library website

Students can only participate in activities on campus if they have no symptoms of viral disease or they were not ordered to stay in quarantine. Upon entering the buildings, it is necessary to provide written affidavit that the student had no symptoms of viral disease in the previous two weeks. Students must disinfect their hands at the entrance of the venues, where examination takes place, and continue to follow strict hygiene rules.

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