FTA Would Like to Welcome Our New Students!

The FTA has focused on providing a great deal of support for their international students. This has been made possible through the continuous help from the active students – “Student Ambassadors”. The Student Ambassadors consist of fellow students who are studying at FTA and are eager to support new students with a smooth transition and start with their studies at the FTA. 




What Ambassadors can offer to new students?

  • Information on social media - International Fridays 
  • Answering student inquiries via e-mail
  • Sharing experiences (using a webinar platform) for new foreign students who are applying for a study stay in the Czech Republic (occurs in April)
  • Participation during the Welcome course (occurs in September)
  • Preparing "Buddy tour" on campus for incoming students
  • Information during FTA Open Day (video)


Student Ambassadors are in constant cooperation with the faculty to prepare relevant events and content for their fellow FTA students.


More information can be found here. 

Feel free to contact us at

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