FTA calls for support for the Hodonín Zoo, devastated by tornado

A tornado such as Czechs know only from Hollywood movies swept through southern Moravia on the night of June 24 and, among other things, razed half of the HODONÍN ZOO, used by our faculty's collaborators there for the past 20 years for breeding elands. Hodonín Zoo is also a full member of the Derbianus NGO and regularly supports the conservation of the Derby eland. Therefore, the FTA, in cooperation with Derbianus, has decided to help the zoo. At present, the garden is without electricity, without water and Internet. The animals are in a state of shock, the trees fallen, fences are destroyed. Financial assistance for the upcoming restoration of the devastated garden will be more than necessary. We would like to ask students, employees, and friends of FTZ to contribute to the fundraiser aimed to support the renewal of the HODONÍN ZOO. Thank you!

You can contribute HERE.

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