Learn & Discuss - Edible Insects

On the 30th of November, the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences hosted the first of the Learn & Discuss series. The aim of this series is to focus on interesting topics and provide listeners knowledge in the form of a lecture, but also to promote discussion on the topic and hands-on involvement in a more open, fun, and collegial environment among fellow students. The topic of this first L&D series was Edible Insects. 

There were three presenters – two researchers from the FAFNR faculty and one bachelor’s student from the FTA faculty. First was Martin Kulma of the Department of Zoology and Fisheries and a member of the edible insects research group of FAFNR. He gave a general overview of nutritional values, breeding, environmental requirements, as well as many of his personal experiences in this field. Roman Švejstil was next, also from the edible insects research group, but focusing on microbiology and the influence of thermal processing on the microbiota of edible insects. Finally, Martin Richter contributed an interesting short presentation about the company Grig, which sells edible insect products in the Czech Republic. 

The presentations raised many questions, and after the presentations and discussion, visitors were able to sample and eat some insects! Sára Šebrlová made amazing pancakes from cricket flour with jam, and bowls of whole prepared crickets were laid out – one type was flavored with lime and chilli, the second was with salt only. Visitors could also try worms – natural or spiced with turmeric, as well as some crackers made from edible insects.

The BeFair Organization prepared lemonade, coffee, tea, and fairtrade chocolate (all insect-free), and together with the Student Ambassadors and Pineapple, comprised the three organizing teams that made this happen. About 50 people came and had a wonderful time both learning about and eating insects, believe it or not! We look forward to seeing you at the next event!!

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