Participants of the ČES 2023 Conference discussed the future of evaluations and their better effectiveness

Role and engagement of local governments, international development or evaluation in relation to minorities or refugees. These were some of the topics of the Czech Evaluation Society and the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences Conference with the subtitle Evaluation Dynamics from the Perspective of Different Players, which was held from June 14 to June 15 at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.  

Other discussed topics were, for example, use of artificial intelligence, evaluation praxis of the Czech development assistance or the future development of evaluations. Among significant participants of the conference were Šimon Pánek (People in Need), Daniel Prokop (PAQ Research), Josef Šlerka (Charles University), Petra Chaloupková (Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences) and others.

Thanks to a wide range of topics and participation of remarkable guests, the event became an unique opportunity to share experiences and network different players in the area of evaluations. Participants could together look for ways to strengthen the evaluations and to use them more effectively. The event was held under the auspices of the Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartoš and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský. 

About the Czech Evaluation Society

The Czech Evaluation Society is a voluntary, non-profit and independent professional association of experts in the area of programs and projects evaluations. The main goals of the Society are to support and develop evaluation capacities in the Czech Republic, to strengthen awareness about verified evaluation methods or to increase the social reputation of evaluations. There is a long term cooperation between The Czech Evaluation Society and The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences and the Society experts participate in education and activities of the Faculty.  

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