Biogas Research Team photo competition: “The wonders of waste management”

Dear friends and colleagues,

Let me announce Photo competition, with a title for 2021 being: “The wonders of waste management”.

Globally, more people make their living from waste management than from any other sector, apart from farming. Nevertheless, somehow this massive sector is quite underrated and still not receiving enough attention. So, let´s change it!

I will be happy to see pictures, which can be from your previous data collection, visits in different areas all around the world or any type of collage and so on. There are no limits to the imagination. Feel free to submit also pictures taken in the past, in this first year of our Biogas Research Team photo competition, there are no limits whatsoever. You are also free to do multiple submissions.

With best regards,

Dr. Hynek Roubík – Group leader of Biogas Research Team


The best pictures will be awarded!

Some of the pictures might be used for the 2022 calendar!

Best pictures will be also announced and presented on the website!

Guidelines for submission:

Submit your picture to         till 30.9.2021.

Email subject:                                   Photo competition

Body of the email:                           Your Name and Surname

                                                           Title of your picture

                                                           Description of your picture or Quote

Files for download

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