Petr Kříž

Ing. Petr Kříž graduated with an M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Tropical Agriculture (formerly Institute of Tropics and Subtropics).

Petr Kříž (on the rigth)

The alumnus currently works as the Head of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park with long-term experience in the position of Head of the regional office of the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic “České středohoří” PLA (Protected Landscape Area). In the years 2012 – 2017, he worked in the management of the Labské pískovce National Park. Ing. Petr Kříž takes care of the National Park territory and public administration, as well as participating in the implementation of projects from the Operational Programme Environment and the LIFE Programme. He has worked at events engaging with the public (e.g., Festival of the Steppes and Festival of Pastures) and focuses on international cooperation.  More information you can find here. More information you can find here.

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