Study Programme ERASMUS+ in Europe Registration for SUMMER semester of ac. year 2021/2022

You can register for the study exchange programme Erasmus+ by uploading of the documents mentioned below by September 19th, 2021, 23:59 to


The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences cordially invites you to a public streaming of the virtual conference Tropentag 2021, 15.- 17. September 2021, Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences, CZU

Next Community Talk: Human modified landscapes in Northern Ecuador

Presenter: Hans Verbeeck - UGent. COFOREC made operational a forest plot network for long-term ecological research on biodiversity and eco-system functioning in natural and reforested areas along a large environmental gradient in a highly diverse, strongly anthropogenic tropical landscape (Andean-Chocó). 

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