International Credit Mobility: cooperation between Czech Republic and Thailand

In Thailand, two partners’ universities were selected for cooperation, the Kasetsart University (KU) located in Bangkok and Prince of Songkla University (PSU) located in Hat Yai, South part of Thailand.

Mobilities offered: 


  • 1 mobility for staff from CZU to PSU, 5 days (STA – teaching) 
  • 1 mobility for staff from KU to CZU, 5 days (STA – teaching) 
  • 1 mobility for Bc/MCs student from PSU to CZU, 3 months (SMS – studies) 


The proposed mobility of students and teachers is divided as follows:  

1 student at Master level from Thailand will stay 3 months at CZU. The FTA offers 5 Master study programmes in English in which students from all over the world study. Thai student at the Master level will stay at the FTA and will gain a unique opportunity to get experience from the European University.  

Teaching staff mobilities will be focused on research topics and lectures in the area of sustainable agriculture, processing of agricultural products, food quality, and marketing and consumer behaviour. The topics will be specifically oriented to processing of plant products in food, their preservation and quality and then subsequent application on the market.  


Available scholarships: 

Subsistence costs (flat rate): 

  • Incoming student to the CR: 800 EUR / month 
  • Incoming staff to the CR: 140 EUR / day  


Travel costs: 

In addition to the subsistence costs, a transport allowance is added, which is graded according to the distance between the domestic institution and the place of stay abroad. It is paid once for whole mobility (for travel to and back). It will be approx. 1,500 EUR. 


Selection of candidates: 

Call for candidates is open. Please contact the coordinators.

Applicants will go through an interview with the project coordinators and responsible persons from the study programs where the applicants want to conduct their training or teaching activity. Candidates will be selected according to their: 

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge on the priority topics of the project 
  • Previous studies and research topics related to the priority topics of the project 
  • Scientific excellence, in case if PhD students and staff 
  • English level 

Announcements for candidates will be done periodically through the webpages and social media of CZU, KU and PSU. 

Contact person: 


CZU Project Coordinator, Ing. Petra Chaloupková, Ph.D. – 

CZU International Relations Office – 

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