Support to the Study Programme Development at the State Agrarian University of Moldova in Chisinau and Harmonization of its Educational System with EU Standards

Target Country: Republic of Moldova
Project Coordinator: Bohumil Havrland
Project Team: Alexander Kandakov, Tatiana Ivanova, Constantin Ojog, Jaroslav Váňa, Martin Muzikant, Sergej Ustak
Partners: State Agrarian University of Moldova, Chisinau
Donor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
Duration of the Project: 2006 - 2008


Aim of the Project:

  • Development of study programmes including formulation of new ones.
  • Harmonization of the education system with the EU one.
  • Introduction of new research and advisory activities (ecology, alternative energies).
  • Establishment of a “Pedagogic laboratory” and “Laboratory of Bio-energy”.

Outputs of the Project:

  • Proposal of restructuring study programmes, implementation of new environmental programmes.
  • Revised selected of current study subjects including their syllabi and their enlistment in study fields.
  • Evaluation of the implemented credit system ETCS and its utilization for international mobility of students and for controlling performances of faculties and departments.
  • Reorganization of study according to the Bologna declaration and control of its effect on the preparation quality of experts.
  • Expansion of SAUM teachers’ qualifications in pedagogical, scientific and research and advisory activities.
  • Laboratory of consultant service for students and teachers in issues of instruction, research and training courses for selected SAUM staff at the Czech University of Life Sciences and other pedagogical workplaces in the Czech Republic.
  • Laboratory for applied research, demonstration course and consultant of service in the field bio-power.
  • Training of selected workers for „Laboratory bio-energy“ at the Czech University of Agriculture and research institutions in the Czech Republic.
  • Establishment of contacts between the Moldavian state university in Chisinau and Czech educational and research institutions and private businesses. 
  • Stays of teachers, research and executive workers of the Moldavian state university in Chisinau at the Czech university of agriculture and other Czech pedagogical and research institutions.

Contact: Bohumil Havrland,

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