Turning wine waste into profit: possibilities of the Moldavian wine industry

Target country: Moldova
CZU Project Coordinator: Hynek Roubík
Project team: Hynek Roubík Anna Chládová Chama Theodore Ketuama Jana Mazancová Marek Jelínek Irina Plis (NGO AEER) Piotr Comarov (NGO AEER) Natalia Svetova (NGO AEER) Ana Svetova (NGO AEER)
Local Partners: NGO Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables
Donor: UNDP
Requested funding form UNDP: 50,000 USD
Duration of the Project: 10.9.2020 - 31.7.2021


Aims of the project:

This project aims to asses the possibilities of local winemakers in terms of valorisation of their processing waste. Based on the preliminary data collection and interviews with stakeholders the briquetting technology has been assessed as the most appropriate technology for small-scale and medium-scale producers.

The project starts with the study of waste management flows among the winery makers in Moldavia. Based on the study, the technology of briquetting press and wood shredder will be implemented together with a small-scale biogas plant. Further on the implemented technology will be tested based on specific inputs in the target location. As a follow up, there will be organized study visits from local schools and local wine makers to observe the technology. At the end of the project, recommendations for further up-scaling and replication within the country will be developed.

Garant: Dr. Hynek Roubík,

Administrator: Ing. Anna Chládová,

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