Interuniversity cooperation as a tool for enhancement of quality of selected universities in Ukraine

Target Country: Ukraine
Project Coordinator: Jana Lojková
Czech Partners: Centre for Higher Education Studies
Ukrainian Partners: Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy State University, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University, Dnipro State Agrarian-Economic University, Kharkiv National Agrarian University
Budget: 175 000 EUR
Donor: Czech Development Agency 
Duration of the Project: 2019 - 2021


Aims of the project:
The main aim of the project is to enhance capacity building of management, young academic, researchers and master students at selected Ukrainian universities in the field of quality assurance, scientific research, cooperation with practice and community involvement. The aim will be achieved through the active participation of Czech university academics in sharing know-how and transferring good practice from Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague to partner universities. The project includes professional thematic workshops on quality assurance tools in practice, strengthening scientific and research activities, the proposal for the introduction of Green Office and the transfer of know-how of business incubators at universities. An integral part of this is strengthening the partnership with the business community on student internships and a pilot strategy for regional development at BTNAU university. The proposed project builds on the experience of implementation of previous projects in Ukraine and expands its activities, when in addition to SNAU and SSU the project also targets other universities - Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University, Kharkic National Agrarian University and Dnieper State Agrarian-Economic University.

Jana Lojková, Ph.D.,

Dr. Hynek Roubík,

Video: Cooperation between CZU and Ukrainian universities



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