Promotion of harmonization of the Bologna higher education system of agricultural universities in Ukraine

Target Country: Ukraine, Sumy
Project Coordinator: Jana Mazancová
Project Team: Oksana Zamora, Jiří Hejkrlík, Petra Chaloupková, David Herák, Vladimír Roskovec, Helena Šebková, Jan Beseda, Hynek Roubík
Partners: Sumy National University of Agriculture
Donor: Czech Development Cooperation
Duration of the Project: 2015 - 2016



Aim of the Project:

The project contributes to improvement of quality management and education of Ukrainian agricultural universities according to the Bologna principles of European Higher Education depending on pilot activities at Sumy National University of Agriculture by sharing of know-how from the transformation of the Czech higher education system, sharing of know -how in the field of democratic self-governance between CZU Prague and Sumy National University of Agriculture. The aim is being achieved by direct collaboration of CZU management and Czech teachers of courses related to agricultural economics and technologies also by intensification of international relations among Czech and Ukrainian agricultural universities and by improvement of educational methods of two university subjects, competencies improvement of university teachers, analysis of current international relations, and by providing of necessary educational equipment.


Outputs of the project:

  • Evaluation study of current situation of implementation of Bologna principles.
  • Introduction of new management quality system at SNAU.
  • Evaluation study of current situation of international relations at SNAU.
  • Enhancement of democratization of management of SNAU
  • Improvement of syllabus of two study courses 
  • Concept of joint projects for students and teachers international mobility among Czech Republic and Ukraine.
  • Providing necessary equipment for educational process


Contact: Jana Mazancová

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