WMC Research areas

Ecology of large mammals of West African savannah

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

What are the main constraints limiting antelope and giraffe of Western Africa to thrive, both in the protected areas and outside them?

Ex-situ breeding management

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

We explore various ex-situ breeding management approaches in different environments, in zoos, in fenced nature reserves and game parks, and on islands.

Wildlife monitoring and habitat assessment techniques

Karolína Brandlová & Pavla Hejcmanová

What is the species diversity and abundance in a given area? What are their habitat requirements and do they only occur in protected area or rather outside? Those are the first questions of wildlife managers to be answered and analysed before any decision is taken. We provide the answers, using the best possible technologies, from camera-traps to drones and applying the advanced modelling approach to increase our understanding of natural processes.

Team news

The best Master’s thesis of FTA for academic year 2019/2020

The inter-departmental commission appointed by the Dean's Board of the FTA selected the following best Master’s thesis of students from the AFS, WLM, SRD, IDAE, TCME and TFA programs.

Africa, my second home...

How does Africa become your second home? Is it an advantage to be a female scientist in Africa? These questions will be answered by our Associate Professor, Karolína Brandlová, co-founder of the Wildlife management and Conservation Programme that focuses more on research and species conservation management. Although she originally considered studying the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences eventually won. And why is Africa so special to her? Scroll down for moree…

Would you like to watch antelopes or other fauna from an airplane?

Take a look through photographs and video in Benin, where our doctoral student Zuzana Holubová is on an internship for almost half a year, and where she is also collecting data for her dissertation thesis.

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