ENPARD Georgia: Enhancing Small Farmers’ Cooperation and Productivity in Imereti Region

Target Country: Republic of Georgia
Project Coordinator: People in Need, CZU Prague: Jiří Hejkrlík
Project Team: Jana Mazancová, Alena Neradová
Budget: 3 000 000 EUR
Donor: European Commission - ENPARD, Europe Aid
Duration of the Project: 2014 - 2017


Aim of the Project:

The main objective of the project is the reduction of rural poverty in Imereti. Via the development of business-oriented small farmers’ and rural entrepreneur groups and by support for a more favourable agribusiness environment, the project supports Imereti farmers to achieve economies of scale and ultimately fulfil the region’s agricultural development potential. Within the project will be established at least 24 cooperatives. These will be chosen on the basis of grant competition with the possibility to reach a technical sub-grants valued from 35,000 EUR to 60,000 EUR. As part of the grant competition, a mandatory intensive training course for all applicants focusing on the principles and organisation of cooperatives, development of business plans and drafting of cooperative statutes is provided.

Outputs of the Project:

  • To increase farmers’ income via more efficient business practices, successful development of business-oriented small farmers’ and entrepreneur groups.
  • To increase agricultural yields and volume of sales due to modern, improved farming, production, processing and marketing techniques.
  • To improve agribusiness environment and agriculture sector legislation as a result of farmers’ and rural populations’ direct participation in policy making processes.

Contact: Jiří Hejkrlík,

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