Establishment of Agro-service Center in Martivili, Region Samegrelo

Target Country: Republic of Georgia
Project Coordinator: Bohumil Havrland, Hynek Ciboch
Project Team: Dilmurod Gaybullaev, Josef Novák, Thomas Kadlec
Partners: Martvili Agro-service Center, Georgia
Donor: Czech Development Agency
Duration of the Project: 2009 - 2010


Aim of the Project:

The aim of the project was establishment of the Martvili Agro-service Center (MASC) in Martvili district, provide financial funds for its one-year operation, train its management and training staff, help to select proper equipment both farm machinery and office equipment, organize demo-projects at selected MASC farmers and work out a Strategic plan for 2010 - 2013 which would be a guide document for the MASC operation.

Outputs of the Project:

  • Provision of financial funds for the MASC operation.
  • 15 MASC trainers trained.
  • Educational materials and texts prepared for training sessions.
  • 24 demo-projects prepared.
  • Selected farm machinery and office equipment supplied to the MASC.
  • Strategic plan worked out and discussed with the MASC Management.

Contacts: Bohumil Havrland,, Hynek Ciboch,

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