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Improvement of Institutional Conditions for the Development of Agricultural Training School in Catabola and Empowerment of Extent and Quality of Extension Services in Catabola Municipality, Bié Province

Target Country: Republic of Angola
Project Coordinator: Jana Mazancová
Project Team: Jiří Hejkrlík, Hynek Ciboch, Kristina Rušarová
Partner(s) of the Projects: ADRA, o.s., ONICO, o.s., Directory of Agriculture of Bié Province, Directory of Education of Bié Province
Donor: Czech Development Agency
Duration of the Project: 2010 - 2011


Aim of the Project:

Enhancement of the institutional conditions of Agricultural Training School and improvement of extension services in Catabola.

Outputs of the Project:

  • Well running officially registered Agricultural Training School.
  • Improvement of competencies of extension technicians in Catabola.
  • Sustainable operation of laboratories of pedology and parazitology and of the Centre of Processing of Agricultural Products.
  • Trained extension agents and teachers from Catabola and other regions.
  • Establishment and management of Farmers’ Field Schools.

Contact: Jana Mazancová,

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