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Enhancement of agro-business activities in Cambodia

Target Country: Kingdom of Cambodia
Project Coordinator: Kristina Rušarová
Project Team: Anna Hubáčková, Socheat Keo
Partners: Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, UNIDO
Donor: Ministry of Industry and Trade
Duration of the Project: 2016


Project description:

The main aim of the project within the „Aid for Trade“ program is enhancement of business structures and relationships between Cambodian private sector and local government in relation to foreign business. The objective was achieved mainly through support for capacity building of Cambodian businesses and associations focused on the production and processing of agricultural products and also Cambodian state institutions involved in the sector agro-business.

The main project activities included organization of two week trips: experts from the Czech Republic to Cambodia and from Cambodia to the Czech Republic. The main scope of the business trip to Cambodia was organization of visits to Cambodian enterprises (focused mainly on the production of agricultural products, with (partly) established or planned processing technologies) and organization of Round Table with the participation of Cambodian ministries, governmental agencies, private companies and agricultural associations. Discussion at the Round Table was focused mainly on how to transform the potential of Cambodia's agro-business into commercial advantages and benefits.

Among the participants of the study tour to the Czech Republic, there were representatives of the Cambodian Ministries (Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Ministry of Commerce) and private sector. The main content of the tour were visits of selected companies specialized in processing of agricultural products, training on the procedures for achieving agro-products quality standards required for import into the Czech Republic (and EU). Finally, Round Table was organized with the participation of representatives of the Czech ministries, private companies, Czech Development Agency and Business Platform for Foreign Development Cooperation.

Contact: Kristina Rušarová,

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