Support of applied research at the Royal University of Agriculture

Target Country: Kingdom of Cambodia
Project Coordinator: Petra Chaloupková
Project Team: Olga Leuner, Lukáš Kalous, Miloslav Petrtýl, Jan Banout, 
Partners: Royal University of Agriculture
Budget: 1 000 000,- CZK
Duration of the Project: 2019


The project focuses on supporting applied research at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Cambodia and it is follow up of the joint previous international projects. The main activities of the presented project include the preparation of training materials for courses "Soft skills training" and "Methods of applied research" in English and Khmer. In addition, training for RUA academic / scientists / technicians and "Soft skills training" for students from the CZU and RUA will be organized. At the same time, systematic support and implementation of joint research topics and the enhancement of the quality of RUA's scientific work will take place. Part of the project will also be the additional provision of the necessary material equipment of the university and the promotion of the project activities. 

Main activities:
April 2019:

  • Opening new call for research proposals

August 2019:

  • Summer school for students of RUA and CZU “Soft skills training” 19-30 August. More information about Summer school can be found HERE.

October/November 2019:

  • Training of staff “Methods of applied research”
  • Training of staff “Soft skills training”
  • Students scientific conference

Scientific Conference 2019 

FTZ organized the second annual international scientific conference for young scientists and students, which was held on 5 December 2019 at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Cambodia.

The topic of the conference covered a wide range of agriculture, food, livestock and veterinary, forestry and fisheries, environment, climate change, innovation and technology and was attended by over 300 students and young researchers from RUA. The conference was opened by the Dean of FTA assoc. prof. Jan Banout, who wished young researchers much success and patience in their research work. The keynote speaker was prof. Lukáš Kalous from the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources with the topic: “Biological Invasions: the phenomenon of the 21st century”.

A total of 23 presentations and 15 posters were presented by Cambodian students during the conference. Dr. Olga Leuner (Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral studies FTA) acknowledged the best student contributions and also announced the best scientific achievement of 2019 within the RUA. The main price was awarded to the co-authors Samnang Nguon and Chrun Rithy of the article "In vitro growth-inhibitors of the effect of Cambodian essential oils against pneumonia causing bacteria in liquid and vapor phase and their toxicity to lung rob broblasts" (doi: 10.1016 / j.sajb.2018.06.005 ). Dr. Petra Chaloupkova (Vice-Dean for International Relations FTZ) at the end of the conference summarized the long-term cooperation between FTA / CZU and RUA and presented the results of joint European projects (ALFABET, ASK Asia, SIMPLE) and projects implemented within the Czech Development Cooperation.

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